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Cooling Fan and Centrifugal Fan
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COOLING FANS : E-series Axial Fan
E-series Cooling Fan have individually adjustable blades. Manufactured from fibreglass reinforced polyester. The bolt design on these cooling fan allows easy assembly of the fan at site. Low noise and very low noise versions of the basic design are available. Fan diameters range from 1219 mm to 14630 mm (3 ft. to 48 ft.)
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COOLING FANS : K-series Axial Fan
K-series cooling fan manufactured from extruded aluminium. The unique fan blades, with the innovative, patented "Aerotip" and the radius-cut inboard edge, have been designed for a high power recovery providing excellent aerodynamic performance. The resilient and damped connection of the fan blades to the hub guarantees the fan will operate smoothly and silently without vibration problems. Fan diameters range from 1524 mm to 4877 mm (5 ft. to 16 ft.)
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COOLING FANS : D-series Axial Fan
D-series cooling fan blades have the innovative and patented "Aerotip" blades developed by Howden.  The blades have an integral shaft, are positioned on the fan hub-plate by aluminium blade supports and are fastened by U-bolts for simple field assembly and blade pitch adjustment
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COOLING FANS : SX-series Axial Fan
The advanced design of blade on our super low noise SX series Cooling Fans generate, on average, a sound output 15dBA lower than other designs. This permits the cooling system to meet lower noise levels, or provide a greater amount of cooling within the noise regulations. Manufactured from fibreglass reinforced polyester. Fan diameters range from 710 mm to 10400 mm (28 inch to 34 ft.)
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INDUSTRIAL FANS : Centrifugal Fans
Howden Centrifugal Fans are found Throughout the world operating in Industrial processes where performance, Reliability and maintainability are of paramount importance. Ranging in diameter from 200 mm to over 5000 mm, and with a variety of impeller designs, Control system and laout options, They from a comprehensive series of centrifugal fans to satisfy virtually all Industrial applications.
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Centrifugal Fans
Howden axial fans are found throughout the world operating in industrial processes where performance, reliability and maintainability are of paramount importance. Ranging in diameter from 200mm to over 9.3m, and with a variety of impeller designs, control systems and layout options, they form a comprehensive series of axial fans to satisfy virtually all industrial applications.
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Axial Fans
INDUSTRIAL FANS : Mixed flow Fans (Mining Fans)
Mixed flow fans combine characteristics of both axial and centrifugal fans, and in the Howden design the impeller resembles a fixed pitch axial fan. Howden has two ranges of mixed flow fan: one heavy duty, ideally suited for handling dust-laden gases, and a compact range that gives higher pressure rises than can be obtained from similar sized axial fans . 
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Mixed flow Fans
Power boiler applications require highly efficient and reliable air preheaters to ensure optimum boiler performance. Howden has more than 80 years experience of supplying high quality air preheaters for customers worldwide.
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Air Preheater
Howden supplies replacement element baskets for rotary regenerative heat exchangers, (rotating or stationary matrix types), irrespective of original manufacturer. Over the past decade Howden has won more than 2000 contracts to supply replacement elements for boiler air preheaters and FGD gas reheaters.
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