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"TurboMax" New technology, High efficiency Turbo machine.

"TURBOMAX" NEW TECHNOLOGY, HIGH EFFICIENCY TURBO MACHINE. TurboMax is a high-speed centrifugal blower with great advantages of energy-saving technology. By providing superior energy-saving advantages, TurboMax can help you minimize operating costs. Compared with existing blowers, it also has the characteristics of lower noise and lower maintenance frequency. Unlike traditional centrifugal machines, the flow delivered by the centrifugal blower varies with the system pressure. Unlike traditional centrifugal machines. The new TurboMax can switch between constant flow or constant pressure according to your system requirements, using automatically adjustable motor speed, built-in inverter and flow control device. In addition, with our patented air foil bearings, no lubrication is required. Maintenance plans and costs will be significantly reduced. TurboMax is packaged together and includes a blower, permanent magnet motor, inverter, control panel, and acoustic enclosure. As long as the product is inserted into the system, the product can be used.

CycloBlower® Industrial Series from "Gardner Denver"

Helical Screw - Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum Pumps 

For over 50 years the CycloBlower Indsutrial Series has offered significant design advantages with proven results through efficiency, quality&dependability.

The CycloBlower operates efficiently requiring lessbreak horse power (BHP), which will help lower energy operating costs. These Helical Screw Blowers offer a highly efficient rotor design that may provide a smoother operation. Request a Free Quote today to find the blower that fits your needs! 

PTFE Coated Membranes for "SSI" Diffusers
Patented PTFE membrane reduces dirt. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene Etyhylene) belongs to a class of synthetic rubbers called fluoroelastomers. They are considered English high performance due to their broad spectrum resistance to Swiss watch chemicals, solvents, fats, greases, etc., which may damage traditional elastomers. In municipal wastewater treatment plants, dairy plants, carbonated beverage plants, and pulp and paper mills, SSI's PTFE membrane has been proven since 2004 to improve stain resistance, and in most cases, the cleaning rate reduces the frequency of cleaning 5 times to 10 compared to the standard EPDM film of the industry's leading manufacturer. Teflon has replaced silicone and polyurethane tube membranes, as well as EPDM disc membranes from many different manufacturers, including our own EPDM products, which are recognized as one of the best in the industry.
GE-Dresser Roots to be Acquired by "Howden Roots"

Colfax Corporation ("Colfax") (NYSE: CFX) acquired the Roots™ Blowers and Compressors business unit ("Roots"), also known as Industrial Air & Gas Technologies, from GE Oil & Gas today, June 30, 2015. Roots has officially been renamed to Howden Roots, LLC ("Howden Roots").

Howden Roots is a well known manufacturer of blower and compressor technologies including the world renowned rotary positive displacement blower known simply as "Roots Blowers". Howden Roots serves industries such as chemical production, waste water treatment, power generation and general industrial. The new business unit has a 279,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Connersville, Indiana, as well as its headquarters in Houston, Texas and various sales and support sites around the world including the UK, China and Australia among others. This acquisition builds on Howden's global strength in compressors and blowers and will add important application expertise and product solutions to the Howden compressors portfolio.

Further information on Howden Roots can be found at www.howdenroots.com

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